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PostSubject: Rules   Thu Jun 18, 2009 3:10 pm

1. No Spamming
Spamming is 38249734298 one lettered words or ghjrfgdasdfd

2. No being rude or mean
Dont be rude or mean to others.

No cussing or it will lead to a ban.

4.Use proper grammar
It's ok if you mess up a few times, but always try to use proper grammar. Say "you" instead of "u" etc.

5.Be patient
If your not patient you'll be warned.

6. Smileys
If you post over 3 smileys that will be a warning.

No advertising in pms, nothing only in your signature or avatar.

8.No speaking about bad stuff
If you speak about bad stuff thats not right or against the law it will be a perma ban.

9.About avatars and Signatures
In your avatar or signature there is no cussing or putting bad things in it.

No posting drugs or stuff like that.

11.Hack talk.
No talking about hacking.

12.Acting like staff
No acting like the staff becuase your not apart of it.

13.No asking to be apart of the staff
If you ask to be apart of the staff you may never be in it.

Don't ask alot of questions then it becomes spam.

15.Swamp Frogurt ONLY
No talking about Dragon Play or Club Penguin becuase thats not what this forum is for. This forum is for the game we are making.

16. No multiple accounts
We will figure out that you have used multiple accounts becuase of your IP address. You will be Perma-Banned if this happens.

17.No flaming
Do not start any fights with others or you will be warned.

18.Post in correct area
Please post in the correct area.

19. Bumping threads
Please do not bump old threads that are over 4 weeks old becuase then you are just considering spam.

Please don't spam to get your post count Higher.

21. No Double Triple posting ETC

22. 10 Charecters And using smilies , ! and , ? overload doesn't count.

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Two leg tadpole40
Fully Frog150
Super Frog200
Swampy Frog400
Frog Dad/Mom600
Exploding frogurt1800
Guru Frogurt2800
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